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Product Details: BXT216 Treadmill

Product Name: BXT216 Treadmill
Category: Treadmills
Manufacturer: Bowflex
List Price: $1899.00

Belt Dimensions: 22-inches x 60-inches
Belt Speeds: 0-12 mph
Console Features: 9-inch color LCD display. Integrated speaker. Media shelf/tablet holder. 11 "Push and Go" workout programs. Custom programming. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iOS, and Android compatible. Built-in USB charging port. Automatic 3-speed fan. Integrated handrail controls.
Description: This is Bowflex's higher-end treadmill. (BXT116 is their other model.) This BXT216 model offers: a cushioned running deck, easy "SoftDrop" foldable running deck, variable speeds and inclines. NOTE: As of October 15, 2020, manufacturer's web site states that this treadmill is Out Of Stock.
Dimensions: Length = 84.5-inches. Width = 38.5 inches. Height = 55 inches.
Ideal For: Serious joggers, weekend warriors
Incline: 0-15% incline
Maximum User Weight: 400-lbs
Motor: 4.0 continuous HP
Product Reviews: n/a
Type: motorized, foldable treadmill
Warranty: Frame 15-yrs. Motor 15-yrs. Other Mechanical Parts 5-yrs. Electronics 5-yrs. Labor 2-yrs.
Weight: 304-lbs.
Why It's Cool: Offers custom workouts and coaching. Huge running surface. Heart rate monitoring uses a wireless chest strap. Fantastic warranty.

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