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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Tennis Burns Calories!
During singles, the average tennis player burns 7-8 times the calories used while sitting. Doubles tennis burns about 4-5 times the calories used at rest.

Product Details: Foldylock Classic

Product Name: Foldylock Classic
Category: Biking Gear
Manufacturer: Seatylock
List Price: $95.00

Colors Available: red, green, cream
Description: A collapsible lock made of 6 hardened steel bars. NOTE: As of April 2021, this item is not available on Amazon.
How It Works: Unfold it, loop it around your bike and a secure structure, and lock it, just like any other bike lock.
Ideal For: All bicycle owners, but, especially for urban cyclists!
Special Features: Plastic-coated steel arms will not rust or scratch your bike. Joints cannot be drilled. Unfolds to 90 cm.
Why It's Cool: The steel arms can't be cut by bolt-cutters, so, it's more effective than a typical chain- or cable-lock. Besides, this thing just looks hip, dude!

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