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Product Details: LED Camping Lantern CL-01

Product Name: LED Camping Lantern CL-01
Category: Lights
Manufacturer: ThorFire
List Price: $15.88

Accessories: Included: Micro-USB charging cable, User manual.
Battery Details: Rechargeable 300 mAh // 3.7 v lithium battery
Battery Life: IF CHARGED BY MICRO-USB (5v): Low 4.5 hrs. High 40 min. IF CHARGED BY HAND CRANKING FOR ONE MINUTE: Low 20 min. High 15 min.
Beam Angle: Flashlight: (not specified)
Beam Colors: white only (LED)
Beam Distance: Flashlight: (not specified)
Beam Intensity: HIGH: 125 lumens. LOW: 30 lumens.
Beam Modes: High and low
Colors Available: As shown: Orange end caps with black accents.
Dimensions: DIAMETER: 3.3 inches (84 mm) // HEIGHT (collapsed): 2 inches (50 mm) // HEIGHT (expanded):
Ideal For: Backpackers, campers, hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists. Or use on your patio or in the backyard!
Product Reviews:  
Water Resistance: (not specified)
Weight: 5.9 oz. (168 grams)
Why It's Cool: It can be hung inside a tent, or, set on a table. Collapsed, it can be used as a flashlight. Charge it with the USB cable, or, by cranking. You can even charge your phone by plugging it into the lantern and turning the crank.

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