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Number of Footstrikes During a Marathon
43,200: That's the number of footstrikes during a 4-hr marathon. (source: Runner's World magazine, Sept. 2005)

Product Details: Nalgene BackPacker Bottle, 32-oz.

Product Name: Nalgene BackPacker Bottle, 32-oz.
Category: Water Containers, Filters, & Purifiers
Manufacturer: Nalgene
List Price: $26.99

Colors Available: stainless steel
Container Made Of: stainless steel
Container Volume: 32-oz.
Description: Useful for liquids of any kind. Wide opening makes it easy to add ice cubes. The stainless steel container does not contain any lining. It resists tastes and odors and is easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
Filter Pore Size: (not applicable for this product)
Handle / Strap: no/no
How It Works: This bottle is not a filter or a purifier. However, a filtration device can be adapted.
Ideal For: Hikers and backpackers.
Special Features: Not insulated, so container will get hot if you add boiling liquids to it. (Hydro Flask makes a stainless steel 32-oz bottle that is insulated.)
Why It's Cool: Dude, just look at it: it's about as uber-cool as you can get!

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