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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Wrist Pain and Cycling
Ten percent of long-distance cyclists develop nerve irritation in their wrists (AJSM 8/05). This is caused by compression of the ulnar nerve and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. The solution?: change your hand position often.

Product Details: WorkFit-Z Mini Workstation

Product Name: WorkFit-Z Mini Workstation
Category: Office Exercise Gear
Manufacturer: Ergotron
List Price: $249.00

Capacity: Can support up to 25-lbs.
Colors Available: Work surface: dove grey woodgrain. Frame: black.
Description: A portable desktop workstation that allows for 12.5 inches of height adjustment.
Dimensions: Keyboard shelf: 24.5 inches x 8.5 inches. Worksurface: 31 inches x 15.5 inches. Device slot: 11 inches x 1.8 inches x 1.1 inches.
Footprint: 31 inches x 21 inches (fits on desktops 22 inches deep, or larger)
How It Works: Lift the handle under the worksurface to raise or lower the unit.
Ideal For: Anyone who spends a lot ot time working at a computer.
Special Features: Height adjustment is click-free and noise-free. Also comes with leg covers and cable ties. Warranty: 2 years.
Why it's cool: Has a slot in the worksurface so you can view your tablet or smart phone while working. Nice feature!

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