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Physical Activity and Dementia
A 5-yr study of elderly subjects (mean age 75 yrs) showed that those who were most active during the day (doing chores, etc.) had the lowest rate of cognitive impairment (Arch Intern Med, 2011).

Product Details: Radian Blender Bottle

Product Name: Radian Blender Bottle
Category: Water Containers, Filters, & Purifiers
Manufacturer: BlenderBottle Co.
List Price: $16.99

Colors Available: cyan blue, sea blue, plum, black, pebble (gray), coral, pink, moss green
Container Made Of: Tritan plastic: contains no BPA or phthalates
Container Volume: 32-oz, with measurements up to 24-oz.
Description: The Blender Bottle is a container for your favorite sports drink, protein drink, or smoothie.
Filter Pore Size: n/a
Handle / Strap: no / YES
How It Works: Simply shake the bottle to stir the contents.
Ideal For: Anyone who likes to make protein shakes or smoothies!
Special Features: It contains a stainless-steel wire whisk that allows you to stir the contents by shaking the bottle.
Why it's cool: Who wants to drink lumps of protein powder?!!

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