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Walking and Diabetes
Plain old walking, if done regularly, can reduce the risk of death in diabetics. A study published in 2003 showed that diabetics who walked at least 2 hours/week had a 39% lower mortality rate (Arch Intern Med, 2003).

Product Details: Cirriform SW-1 Solo Tent

Product Name: Cirriform SW-1 Solo Tent
Category: Hiking Gear
Manufacturer: YAMA Mountain Gear
List Price: $425.00

Colors Available: Fly is white and does not display the YAMA logo. Floor can be gray, tan, or navy blue if silnylon, black if Cuben.
Description: This is an ultralight, single-person tent. This was Backpacker magazine's 2nd-favorite solo tent (Sept. 2015). They rated it as having the best performance-to-weight ratio of the 6 they reviewed.
Length: Packed length: 10 inches. Fully assembled length: 89 inches.
Recommended for: Solo hikers, backpackers, and motorcyclists.
Special Features: The floor and fly are made from Cuben Fiber. Though expensive, this fabric has excellent strength-to-weight performance, is waterproof, and won't stretch or sag when it rains. Requires 9 stakes, 2 trekking poles, and some practice to set-up. Floor length: 89-in.
Weight: 23-oz
Why it's cool: YAMA offers customers several options for fly fabric and floor fabric so you can design your tent as you want!

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