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Fitness Tip of the Day!
Death Rate Due to CVD
In 2006, in the US, an adult died of some form of cardiovascular disease (CVD) every 38 seconds. By 2013, very little improvement had been made: 1 death every 40 seconds (source: AHA Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics)

Product Details: Resistance Bands Set, Single-Band Handle

Product Name: Resistance Bands Set, Single-Band Handle
Category: Resistance Training Gear
Manufacturer: Black Mountain Products
List Price: $27.99

Description: 5 resistance bands, a door anchor, an exercise chart, and a carrying case. With this kit, you can only use one band at a time. (Black Mountain Products has other kits that allow you to attach multiple bands to one set of handles for even greater resistance.)
How It Works: Holding both handles allows you to perform a variety of exercises. You can also hook one handle around your foot or a door knob for additional exercises.
Ideal For: Anyone who wants to work-out at home.
Why it's cool: Resistance bands are much easier to store than free weights, and can even be taken with you when you travel.

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